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Flower Connoisseur Challenge Round 3

April 12th, 2024

The Connoisseur Challenge is back with another round of the Flower Challenge. The packs will be available at Greenlight locations around the state.

Supplies are limited, place your order online with your closest Greenlight location: Bannister, Chippewa, Independance, Poplar-Bluff, or Springfield now with the winner announcement on April 23rd.

This time we have returning Flower Champion Local Cannabis taking on the recent Live Resin Champ, Vibe Cannabis, and two first time entrants, Cloud Cover, and Robust. There is no theme this time and the cultivators are bringing, what they believe to be a crowd favorite.

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Vibe Canna - Mississippi Nights

Rosin Connoisseur Champ

Mississippi Nights was crowned our inaugural Rosin Connoisseur Champion and has taken home the belt.

Vibe Cannabis details the collaboration with Jay Wills of Tree1Four Reddit post explaining the backstory of the strain and the appreciation of our iconic Landing venue or checkout Greenway's article detailing the collaboration with Tree1Four gentics.

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Cannabis Cult Flower Round 2
Local remains Flower Champ

January 26th, 2024

Reigning champion Local Cannabis has defended their belt against Greenlight, Vibe, and newcomer Nuthera in the Citrus Edition of the Connoisseur Flower Pack.

Although Local has claimed the belt with their Purple 43, the competition only seems to be heating up. Reach out to your local dispensary and be sure to ask if they will be carrying the next Connoisseur Pack after reading the Riverfront Times Article from our Cult Leader!

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Connoisseur Live Resin Reveal!

March 13th - Reddit Reveal

The Connoisseur Challenge did not dissapoint. Our reigning Rosin Champion, Vibe Cannabis takes the belt with Liquid Sunshine. Newcomer Sinse Cannabis Blueberry Muffin came in strong for 2nd and Nuthera's Red Runtz came in a very close 3rd place.

We appreciate everyone who supported the challenge and our particpants for another very close round of ratings. Keep your eyes out for the next flower pack, more details will be released soon.

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